These images were taken at the National Geographic Museum's exhibit: AMERICA I AM; THE AFRICAN AMERICAN IMPRINT (

The exhibit continues until May 1, 2011 at the Nat'l Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C. (

Featuring over 200 arifacts and celebrating nearly 500 years of African American history and contributions to the United States, the exhibit is a wonderful accomplishment and educational experience.

Diane and I are proud to have been invited to enjoy and photograph the collection and displays.
'AMERICA I AM: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN IMPRINT' EXHIBITIONAfrican travel to America began approx 500 years ago.President Truman ended segregation in the Armed ForcesBefore segregation endedYoruba Epa maskSenufo chief helmet mask: Mali, West AfricaEuropean Long GunVolume and Direction of the Transatlantic Slave TradePistol similar to that used on slave ships to put down slave mutinies.Iron coffle chains were attached to people's necks, ankles or wrists forcing them to move in line together.Branding iron used in Africa to mark a trader's slave.Gourd BanjoCommunal Trough from the Whitney Planation in Wallace, LA.Early clothingRevolutionary Inkwell replica used the Second Continental Congress"Free pass" letter replica attesting that Frederick Douglass was a free man.Harriet Beecher Stowe InkstandSpin Gin removed seeds from cotton and spun it into thread.Whites only railroad sign from the 1930's