On the weekend of October 26, 2007, Priscilla Powell and Jim Murray visited their friends in the Washington area and attended the Delaware vs Navy football game on the 27th before flying home on the 28th. (Delaware won 59-52.)

Jim & Priscilla stayed at Janet Summers' townhouse in Annapolis, MD. Other visitors staying at Janet's were George Sacclaris, Larry Winfield, Sam Markman and Diane Farhat. Staying at the home of Kevin Farrell and Mary Jo Johnson were Suzanne Dean and Ralph Edwards.

On Sunday, Janet hosted a brunch. In addition to the above, Lucy and Glen Peacock attended. Missing in action Sunday morning were Larry Winfield and Diane Farhat, both of whom had previous commitments.

These photos capture some of the fun from that weekend! Sam Markman Photography is my Home Page and starting point to view other photos on this WEB site.