Sam Markman Photography | 2017 Everglades & Florida Miscellaneous

From January 23 -26, 2017, I joined a group of fellow photographers for a photo outing into various parts of the Everglades. Most of our excursions were led by Tod Dahlke, Tour The Glades [Click the link for more information] or one of Tod's colleagues.

Many of these images were captured while out with Tod and/or one of his great guides.
Great Blue Heron - Sunset SilhouetteAnhingaAnhingaAnhinga drying its wingsFlorida Red-bellied turtle (Florida Cooter)Florida Red-bellied turtle (Florida Cooter)IbisYellow-crowned Night Heron w/cat fishGreen HeronGreen HeronYellow Crowned Night HeronYellow Crowned Night HeronLittle Blue HeronBlack Crowned Night HeronIbis in flight silhouettedIbis feedingOspreyOsprey young in nestOspreyOsprey