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This Collection of images are those that I particularly like.
The images are from other Galleries located on this WEB site. With each image, the name of the source Gallery is displayed. Thus, if you wish, you can locate and visit the entire Gallery.
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Reddish EgretThree Great EgretsGreat EgretGreat Egret taking offGreat Blue Heron - Sunset SilhouetteYellow-crowned Night Heron w/cat fishDecember 23, 2016Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware BayNaples - 1/19/2011Delaware Breakwater East End LightSunflowerEnd of Summer FunGreat Egret putting on a showTaking off to hunt a fish!Old and Deteriorating Minnesota BarnChicago Skyline, Navy PierOyster Catcher in flightTurf Battle 12/08/2013A tagged & radio monitored deer with mates

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