The Masaya volcano is the only volcano in the western hemisphere where you are able to drive to the rim. Visitors can peek over the edge at the Masaya Volcano, and look into the impressive crater, which is continuously emitting smoke and sulfur gases.

The sulfur gas is very irritating and one can only stay a short while. You will notice that all vehicles in the parking lot face the exit. This is a requirement and is designed to facilitate a fast escape, if necessary.
Sunrise in San Juan Del Sur NicaraguaRosemarie & Norm tender from the Island Princess to San Juan del SurWelcome MusicDisembarkation in San Juan del Sur, NicaraguaWe all head to our various buses.Aura, Our Excellent GuideHowler Monkeys Populate the Trees on our Route to the Masaya VolcanoHowler Monkeys Populate the Trees on our Route to the Masaya VolcanoWorking in Rice PaddyLava Flow DebrisOld Lava Flow (20 years or so old)We arrive at the Masaya VolcanoRosemarie & Norm - Masaya VolcanoBathroom Break at Masaya VolcanoOverlook at Masaya VolcanoClimbing the Masaya Volcano OverlookClimbing the Masaya Volcano OverlookDiane Waves from Mid-Point of the Masaya Volcano Overlook